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the Awakening World Society foundation

The Awakening World Society Foundation (AWSF), a non-profit group founded by LUCIALORN, has been formed to share the knowledge and experience of the full range of Consciousness and to help create groups of awakened people.


The AWSF is not a typical organization based on shared thought, purpose, goal, ideal, or belief. It is the acknowledgment and statement of what is actually happening in the world right now. The world is awakening.  Whether you are aware of it or not, we are living in an awakening world society. You are a de-facto member of the Awakening World Society just by being alive in this age. The true foundation of that awakening is inherent in Consciousness itself.


The AWSF is based on the evolutionary force of nature structured in the consciousness of everyone that is propelling the positive, progressive direction of all thought everywhere. Its administration is on the level of the universal field of intelligence that is conducting the universe, which is enlivened by those around the world who have awakened to the unbounded reality of their true Being. It is the expression of the total energy and intelligence inherent in the structure of Consciousness found in the innermost Self of everyone.


The AWSF provides a clear expression of the fundamental essence of universal truth that lies at the basis of all ideologies, philosophies, religions, and sciences. It embraces all traditions of knowledge that have sound, time-tested, scientifically validated programs and techniques for the holistic unfoldment of life in the direction of greater perfection and total enlightenment.


It is a call to the awakened to join together to enliven the universal field of Consciousness for the benefit of life everywhere. With the knowledge of the full range of Consciousness, and with the clear, direct experience of the universal reality of total Being, a lasting state of peace, unity, and harmony is not only possible—it is inevitable.


The Awakening World




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