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Webcast Comments

"I think that I woke up on the call. It's taken me a few days to see that it's still here, and just what it is.  For example, the ego is gone.  In fact, it never existed.  It was just an idea.  I was uncertain at first because it was not what I expected.  It's true our ideas are what get in the way of it.  In fact, our ideas of it are all wrong, even though the words of the saints have all been correct.  Simply because the idea of it is not it.  It is beyond ideas, beyond even existence.  Amazing.  So simple.'".  ...  D.B.

“The last call was probably the most profound experience of Being that I have ever had.  Language doesn't serve, since the boundaries of me and That were so indistinct that it can't be described as me having an experience. Many thanks for the opportunities you've been giving to us for awakening!  I'm enjoying different nuances every day of it, whatever 'IT' is!  ...  T.F.

“Wow - that was a call and a half.  Very beautiful.  Divine even....  How fortunate I am to have returned to this knowledge founded on clarity and truth. And that my friends were clear enough to see the value of what you offered and told me about you.  Again, I am most grateful.  ...  I very much enjoyed the talks and found you often talking directly to my recent experience.  I cannot describe how appreciative I am of the opportunity and wisdom you share.” … D.B.


"Even with the first words it was very clear that this information was coming from a place of deep silence, a place beyond time and change, a place of truth.  I felt this silence stilling my mind and when thoughts came I noticed them from this place of deep silence.  With my eyes closed 'listening to myself' I lost all sense of the notion that I was participating in a conference call, that there were others on the call and that I was one of those listening. I simply was the 'listener'."  ...  B.H.


“I loved the talk on Love. It was so powerful and clear. I understood a greater clarity regarding knowing that My silent Being, who I really am, has always been all I perceive. I perceive it now at the finest, quietest level of my awareness and it is infinite. I used to be waiting for Unity in the future. I'm laughing now writing this. How could Unity come in the future? It is simply the simplest state of pure awareness that extends everywhere, quietly. We all feel so fortunate and grateful to be the recipients of this highest knowledge.”….. K.M.

“That was a beautiful talk yesterday, I think.  But, I honestly don't know!  Heard very little of it, I was floating so high.  This heart overflows with gratitude for the words coming from the Self.  Every word so very very precious!  Thank You".  ...  L.N.



“I deepened into a very peaceful, yet alert state.  I was very aware of the content of what was said in the moment but have very little recall of it now, one day later.  I was also aware of my energy field responding to the energy being transmitted during the call.  It was a very enjoyable experience ...”  J.S.


“The call was once again beautiful in the way that the words reach me.  It is like a new language that resonates deep inside and shakes up old concepts and beliefs. ...  The mind is loosening its grip gradually as I listen within silence and live more and more from that state.  It feels like my Self is ready to let the mind retreat for good. Thank you."  ...  M.L.


"Thanks so much for all your light and Self talks that has made this possible for me and my friends.  I look forward to your calls every week as they seem to deepen my experience."  ...  D.H.



“Our group got very very deep during the calll. We stayed there for over a half an hour afterwards. Such wonderful sense of peace, freedom and safety”  …  K.M.



"The point that stood out for me is that the Self needs to speak to Self to awaken Itself.  Also what was very important was that in the opening remarks you reminded us that these calls were not for “spiritual entertainment” and that they are not for seekers, they are for people who have come to awaken to the Self.



The most important after-effect of the call was the deep silence I felt and great flow of love for everyone in the room.  ...  E.I.



“Waves and waves of bliss.  Thank you”.  … G.T.

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