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Lucia and Lorn have both realized the natural state of fully awakened consciousness, often referred to as Enlightenment. They have been offering retreats and giving talks on enlightenment for more than 20 years, and have been doing advanced meditation and yoga for the past 50 years. 

They are founders of The Awakening World Society Foundation, a non-profit society dedicated to the universal Awakening of Consciousness.

Together, they are lucialorn. The name lorn (short for Lawrence) means Victory, and the name Lucia means Light. The name "lucialorn" symbolizes "the Victory of the Light of Awakened Consciousness over the darkness of ignorance".

L&L do not follow any spiritual teacher or teaching and are not part of any spiritual organization or religion. They are not looking for followers and do not encourage anyone to leave their chosen path, beliefs, or affiliations. They simply provide guidance to help catalyze the simple natural shift to the final stroke of Awakening, which is the goal and fulfillment of all teachings and paths.


Their mission is to help facilitate the initial awakening to the unbounded reality of the inner Self for as many people as possible, to help deepen that Awakening, to help clarify the understanding and experience of higher states of Consciousness, and to establish a group(s) of Awakened who have the knowledge and ability to help create and maintain balance and harmony in the collective consciousness of society.




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