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The Awakening -- the shift to Cosmic Consciousness p.4

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The last session of the April-May retreat was magical, more so than the many other magical sessions of past retreats. Silence was so thick, uniting us all and overwhelming to the point that the mind did not want to even try to function.

Words came out when I spoke (no clear recollection of what was said except the attempt at describing what was clearly an illusory veil in the way, a veil whose structure varied from person to person in the room, a fake veil so thin that seeing through it was easy) and Lorne talked to me for a long time afterwards.....​more​



By the second day of the retreat with Lucia and Lorn, I began to experience increasing depths of silence and fullness both during and outside of my meditations.  I also began to experience a few spontaneous movements of my body like a twisting and holding of my neck or arms in movements to an extreme range. 

When Lorn and Lucia became aware of these spontaneous movements, they were completely unperturbed and encouraged me to go with the process, "to allow".  By the last day of course, I experienced an increase in these spontaneous .....more​​​



I had been doing a regular daily spiritual program of yoga and meditation for over 30 years.  During the last  6-7 years before the shift, I had been experiencing  deep witnessing and silent presence in activity.   One day my husband told me he had awakened. 

I was surprised, but the change in him was obvious, no resistance to anything.  For the first time, I felt he "saw" me. Over the next 3 months, I questioned him about his experience constantly.  During this time, there were many surrenders, collapsing.  The ego was letting go......more




At the first work shop we as a group with Lorne and Lucia we were guided into what I would call a state of open eyed mediation. From there we were asked to just observe our state.  Of cource my mind was trying to grasp at something to understand how to be. 

As I focused deeply on Lorn's gaze my conscious mind seemed to separate into two states.  One state left me sitting in the chair while the second seemed to move away from me and encompass the whole room but remained me as well. This brought .....more​



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