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The Awakening: the Shift to Cosmic Consciousness  


"After the call, I sat in an intense blissful, light filed bodiless silence - absolute stillness, that I could not come out of, didn't want to come out of.  I sat for 45 minutes or so until a phone call came in and I realized I still had my headphones on from the call.


But I couldn't speak.  I really couldn't as the words were painful to pull out of The Awareness.  The bliss, electric energy, and light were so thick, and my awareness had shifted so simply and so completely. So we just sat in silence.  After a time I started to describe this new/old ever-present awareness.  Everything fell into place ...... more


"I have had some very powerful spiritual experiences in the past and have been witnessing off and on for many years, but the witness was confined to my body and mind.  On the day of my first shift at a satsang with Lucia and Lorne, the silence in the environment and the inner witness became one.  It was a very visceral experience for me. 

When that happened there was an incredible release to freedom and unboundedness.  ​I laughed, I cried, and had hot flashes for many minutes, maybe 30 or more.  When this subsided. ...... more​​


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"As I was listening to Lorne the silence in the background grew more alive. My vision started to change as if what I was seeing through my eyes was in a frame. This frame brightened while simultaneously my being was expanding beyond.

As the expansion started to move into what felt unknown and vast the mind wanted to label it and pull back. There was a deep recognition of this vastness and an overwhelming sense of awe and wonder. Awareness was beyond the mind and the known. Physically, my heart was beating faster and stronger........ more



"I had attended a number of satsangs with Lorne and Lucia and was at an evening session following a retreat. There were some interactions between Lorne and my partner in which Lorne had said that she was very close to awakening. I recall relaxing somewhat, thinking that this was her turn and mine would be another day.

I certainly was not prepared for what was to happen a little later that evening. Lorne’s talk that evening was so intimate, and I felt deeply his urging us to awaken. It seemed as if our awakening would be the most gratifying thing that ....... more


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