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........ I felt expansive, divinely empowered, and ecstatically content. In this new state, the layers of who I thought I was began to unravel, my mind stopped and all of my judgements and perceptions about myself vanished. In this state, my lifetime of memories disappeared and all the parts of my personality were awash in this new expanded version of myself. On a physical level I felt as though my Being could fill up the whole room, I had a feeling that I was viewing myself from a distant height. My sense of inner and outer space was altered and has remained more expanded ever since. 

Following this experience, I now feel a stronger connection to my intuitive self. Just knowing this State of full witness consciousness exists gives me a great sense of peace and contentment. I now view reality with a different lens. I am more gentle with my mind and my triggers around stress and negative distractions do not have the same kind of power over me that they once held. When I get off course at least I always know where the map is.   

From time to time Lorne and Lucia appear in my dreams. Similar to the physical connection with Lorne, when I hear Lorne's words I find myself dropping into a deep meditation in my dreams. In this state, I am aware of the fact that I am dreaming and in touch with the Being within me watching my state transcend.

Having these altered states of consciousness gives me a feeling of great joy knowing that it is possible to live in the subtle realm and at the same time highly function in the physical.  Like a flower opening one petal at a time learning to refine my state with guidance from a great master is a lifelong journey I feel passionate about. 

I cannot end this share, without saying how much I value knowing you both. Your compassion for the Human condition is an ocean that I will joyously come and play in every day for the rest of my life. To learn through expanded states of consciousness that there is nowhere to go and nothing to control – just to be - has to be the most beautiful gift I could ever hope to receive. Thank you for your generous beautiful hearts and your PEACE AND DIVINE LOVE. 


C.S.  Whiterock, BC, Canada​

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